Saturday, June 9, 2012


What I wore: Dress - A boutique in Nîmes, France | Sweater - Forever21 | Shoes - TJ Maxx | Neckalces - Betsey Johnson & a local flea market | Ring - Etsy

Today I wondered around downtown Peoria, purchasing fresh fruits, veggies and breads from the downtown Farmer's Market. I even did a little reminiscing, venturing off to where my old ballet studio used to be. I used to perform in ballets for the Illinois Ballet Company--what a whirlwind that was! Sometimes I definitely miss it, other times I'm glad to be doing what I'm doing now. 

I love the old brick that can be found in city areas. It has such a rough and tough aesthetic and then when you pair it with my very light and feminine pastel get up, you have a very interesting contrast. 

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