Sunday, June 3, 2012

Je manque à Paris

I miss Paris.

This longing for the city of lights stems from my friend's return to the United States after a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark as she discussed her time in the beautiful city.

A year ago, I was returning from my own adventure in France. I immersed myself in the country, speaking the language, marveling at all the art I studied in my art history classes--it was a dream! I was even mistaken to be French several times, which was quite flattering. In short, I felt like I belonged there and would do anything to live and work in Paris as a graphic designer.

Today my outfit is rather reminiscent of the quintessential striped shirt often associated with the French culture. Little did I know when I put on this shirt this morning that I would be missing the city it is often associated with.

When searching for videos on typography (yes, I'm THAT nerdy when it comes to type), I stumbled across this sweet little film about Paris and the French language. I was in love. The type is quite beautiful, as well as the French language.

Outfit Details
Shirt - TJ Maxx
Leggings - Target
Belt - Target
Necklace - Craft Fair in Des Moines, Iowa
Shoes - Sperry
Glasses - Rayban

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