Saturday, May 12, 2012

The First Day of Summer

My first day of summer wasn't exactly exciting, but it was a much needed day full of lazing around in my sweats, surfing the web, watching ridiculous cat shows on Animal Planet, etc. While it sounded completely uneventful and lazy, I still kept busy (I can't sit still for long!). I unloaded my car and unpakced my various garbage bags filled with contents of my life. One of the major things I was to accomplish was finishing sending/addressing invitations for my grandfather's 89 and a half birthday party. I designed the invites during finals week, which was probably not the smartest idea but in the end they were finished and turned out rather cute considering I was working with such a tight time frame.

I feel like this design was perfect for my grandfather--dull colors, a neutral sans-serif. It was perfect! And it allowed me to continue my long-lived run with Helvetica Neue Condensed.

After I was done lazing around and working on my grandfather's invitations, I met up with my best friend since kindergarten for dinner and a little bit of shopping. Oh, and froyo of course! We went to my all-time favorite restaurant, One World. It's this hip cafe-esque restaurant with some really incredible food. It's also located in downtown Peoria, which means there was some really old brick buildings to take pictures by. I wanted to take more, but I'm new at this and was already receiving weird looks from people. This is definitely something I will have to get over.

What I wore...
Dress - Target
Sweater - Anthropologie
Shoes - Toms
Bag - Fossil

Pictures by Nicole Dyar (me); pictures of me done by Kelsey Phillis

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